How to Structure Your Spiritual Business Without Compromising Your Reputation as a Light Worker

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We’ve all been there.  We’ve put many years into our own development, we’ve worked on getting our ego out of the way and opened ourselves to help those who come to us because, as we know, they find us. We work up the courage and faith to take the leap into making a business with our gift that has been honed and is helping so many people.  

And then…that one client sits across from us. Yes, there’s always one ( or two or three ) that try us. And if we are ready for it and prepared it’s easier to handle. Most of us though are taken by surprise and quite honestly crushed by the opinion of one person.  They may fold their arms from the moment they walk in or hide their wedding ring to test you – to see if you are worth your fee.

This person, like every person we meet, is a lesson.  

Again, if you are ready for her, then you will be able to deflect the negativity and have an answer to the quips and remarks.  Most of us though are not ready for that.

“I don’t understand why you charge so much – if you’re a real lightworker, you shouldn’t be charging anything.”  

Yes, that statement is dripping with judgment but remember that the person who said it hasn’t done their work. They are coming to you for guidance, presumably.  Whatever their motive is, it’s not about you. You have done the work ( read the books, attended the development groups, found a mentor, cried the tears, written a thousand pages in several journals, done many readings at no charge ). This person doesn’t know all that and probably is upset about several things ( none of them are you ) and perhaps has been to a reader who wasn’t very good.  

So what’s a healer to do?

Here is how I protect myself from these clients and focus on the clients who deserve all of my energy.

1: Decide what is important to you

Each person has their own unique style.  Some readers “dress the part” and honestly I know that some clients prefer to see beads in the doorway or a crystal ball somewhere in a space where the reading takes place.  

I’ve had some people say, “You’re so…normal.”

For me, that was a bit of a relief me since I spent a lot of my life denying my abilities and wanted nothing more than to be normal. So yes, I pride myself on being mainstream and in this way I attract a lot of clients who are also professionals in their field. They tell me that my appearance and my demeanor helped them to relax and really trust the messages I deliver. That is not to say that I don’t have my totem animal clearly displayed and my Archangel Michael statue behind me. Of course, I do!

It is also important to me to be available and flexible for my clients, particularly the clients who I consider regulars. I no longer, however, answer each text or email that comes in past my 8 pm. You might consider your office space a priority. If you have no space at home and need to rent, be sure it offers parking, quiet neighbors, bathroom facilities, heating/cooling and a reasonable lease arrangement. Then dress your space to reflect the work you do. You will attract those who are a match for your style.

2: Set Boundaries

If you’ve ever gotten the “I need a reading ASAP. It’s an emergency” you know there is a need for boundaries.  

There is no such thing as an emergency reading. If it’s an emergency they need to dial 9-1-1. I am not saying this with even a little sarcasm.  If someone is truly in crisis, you probably are not the person they need. We have all had clients who are struggling with mental health issues. It is very important to recognize that there is a fine line between helping/harming someone who is struggling with their perspective on life.

And it’s equally important to protect yourself by having a disclaimer on your website and in your office stating that you are not a medical professional  ( unless you are and are willing to blend those two worlds ) and that what you give them is not a replacement for medical/psychological advice. Of course, we have had people tell us that they got more from a one-hour session with us than from 5 years of therapy. That can be true. But for someone who is having a manic episode or is suicidal….they need a different sort of help in the immediate sense. Know your boundaries.

If you are offering something at no charge, be careful. There are people who pride themselves on working the system and will leave you feeling cheated. That’s not a good feeling and will come through energetically when you provide your gift ( service, item, etc. ).  

I used to offer a free reading to the host/hostess when I travel to a home for reading parties. After a few incidents where I spent many hours reading only to come home with a few dollars and feeling taken advantage of, I decided to draft a document with my guidelines. And…I stopped the free readings.  Of course I thought that might not go over well but in the end, people showed me much more respect and my business increased quite a bit.

Yes, we are lightworkers and our desire to help heal runs deep.  That does not mean we have to give away our services on a Saturday night and come home without compensation.  The energetic exchange is vitally important. When you are paying for something it means you are putting a value on it.  Trust me or don’t. I didn’t trust those who told me this in my early years of practice and I learned it the hard way.

My Guidelines Include:

  • An agreed upon time that I will arrive ( 15 minutes before the first reading so I can set up ) and time I will leave ( whether or not all the readings have been done. ) I offer half hour readings and use a timer which makes figuring out my time commitment easy. If people would rather converse in the living room during the time I am waiting for them, it no longer bothers me).
  • The number of people expected at the party is within my minimum of 6 and maximum of 10. And my minimum fee is that of 6 clients.  ( If fewer show up, the cost of the individual readings will increase to reflect that. Sounds cruel, but you can bet all 6 will show up because the hostess will be sure they do ).
  • To book a party I require a $150 non-refundable deposit.  Then I will block that evening off my schedule. If there is a need to reschedule, it will be at my convenience and I will apply the deposit to that evening.  There will only be one change before the deposit is forfeited. I have never had to do that.
  • Understand that this is spiritual work that I take it very seriously. That doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining. There is always laughter with the messages that come through. But please understand though that  I am not the entertainer for the evening. I do individual readings and they are directed by Spirit. Personal things come up and my goal is to deliver heartfelt, clear messages.  And for this reason, there will be only one person in the room with me at a time. If two want to attend a session, each person is expected to pay the individual fee and I will deliver the message that comes through regardless of who is in attendance.
  • Each person should find the voice recorder on their phone if they would like to record the session.  If you need me to find it for you, it will take up some of the 30-minute session. I will stay on schedule!
  • If anyone comes for their reading under the influence, I will not read for them.  They will not get anything from the reading and I will not take money from someone who in that state.  If you are serving alcohol, please be conscious of this.
  • If you are going to have me reading in a spare room, please be sure it is comfortable ( not freezing or very hot ). I will bring my own table if you do not have a standard sized card table.
  • If you are located more than 30 minutes from my home there is a travel fee.

Each of these guidelines was born of circumstances where people took advantage and I realized it was up to me to be clear about with my expectations.  It also prompted me to let guests know what they should expect.

I have the host/hostess send out my What To Expect document a week before the party. This Includes:

  • Be open to messages. You may not understand them all especially if the event has not yet occurred.
  • Relax and understand that my intention is to only receive messages in your highest and best.
  • The best readings are a conversation. If you expect me to speak for 30 minutes, you will go away with questions you still want answers to.  As you are talking, the messages continue to come through.
  • Have a list of questions prepared for your session so you can get the most out of it.
  • Find the voice recorder  ( or download a free app ) prior to your session.
  • Cash only. Please have the exact amount, I rarely have change.

3: Have a Vision for Your Business.

If I am at my office which is in my home, I keep a tight schedule. I only get paid when people schedule readings. I expect people to be on time and 99% of the time, they are.  When they are not, I start my timer at the time they are scheduled for and that is all the time I can offer them. The cost of the session remains the same. Most people understand this.

If someone contacts me through a text message initially, it means they are a referral from a current client. This is always appreciated. I simply send them a link to my website where they can get answers to all their questions including my rates and availability.  This reduces the number of texts and misunderstandings. It also lends an air of professionalism.

There was a time rather recently that I did not send my website.  The woman asked if I had availability in the evening sometime that week. I did and so I booked the time slot she requested. When I called her for the reading. She did not answer.  She texted to say that she decided to go out to dinner and could I call her after. I did not. When she texted after her dinner, I did not respond.  The next day, she texted again. I sent her the link and asked that she read through it and if she still wanted a reading, she could request one through my website and pay in advance. Once I receive payment, I will block off the time and call her at that time.  She answered immediately when I called.

4: Increase Your Business.

Facebook Marketing is the only paid marketing I use. Most of my clients are word of mouth referrals. I am always looking to increase my clientele so each month I will run a Facebook ad for $25. If this nets just one client, it is worth it. Generally speaking that one client will have more than one session, maybe a party and certainly send other clients to me.  Usually, though, it yields 2-5 more clients. You really cannot get a better return for your advertising investment.

A great way to attract new clients is to hold a workshop. I do vision board workshops, introduction to intuition development, angel card reading and pendulum workshops.  A lot of attendees are current clients who will bring a friend. Others are new and become regular clients. As with parties, it’s important to have people pre-register. This is also non-refundable.  I do allow the person to use that “credit” toward a reading if they cannot make it the day of the workshop.

So, does this make me less of a lightworker?  

I don’t think so. It makes me a lightworker who has a successful and very active business. My demeanor is one of gentle honesty and my testimonials page is full of evidence of this.  I learned the hard way that business is business. I did not want my disdain for being taken advantage of to tarnish my energy so I make every effort to structure my business to run smoothly so that I can do what I love and make a living at it.

Caroline Zani

Caroline Zani

Guest Blogger I am a psychic medium with many years working in the field. Seeing a diverse group of clients and learning from each one is exciting and rewarding.  A lifelong learner, I hold a BS in Health Science and Masters of Education.  My intuitive work came to the forefront after a traumatic, life-altering event.  Resisting the intuitive work was not easy and eventually, I learned to embrace it as I began to help others in their time of need.  And as we know, when you help others heal, you yourself heal as well.  Some of the areas my workshops touch on are: Intuition Development, Learning to Read Cards and Manifesting Your Best.  I enjoy nothing more than, as a client put it best, lending hope to people. My book, Piper, Once and Again deals with past lives and how they can best help us heal so as to move forward in this lifetime.


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